Everything is built by someone who believed it should be.

The first phase of Emerging Terrain was built by many dedicated board members, design fellows, and funders who believed in the mission. Through these people’s gifts, Emerging Terrain has significantly contributed to the proactive practice movement. Thank you founders.

Board of Directors

Doug Bisson

Elaine Buescher

Richard Sutton

Carol Gendler

Christopher Bikus

Emily Bannick

Jen Amis

Urban Design Fellows

Nick Rebeck 

Nick Soper

Sara Lum

Kayla Meyer

Sloan Dawson

Geoff DeOld

Emily Andersen

Stephen Osberg

Brad Howe


Peter Kiewit Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

H. Lee and Carol Gendler Charitable Fund

Nebraska Humanities Council

Omaha Community Foundation

Sherwood Foundation


Duncan Aviation 

First National Bank 

Gavilon Group 

Carol Gendler 


Marathon Realty Corporation 

Mike and Susan Lebens 

Omaha Steaks

Scoular Company 

Paul and Annette Smith 

Trumble Family Farms 

Waitt Company/Dana Bradford 

Warren Distribution

Amis Family Foundation

Big Wheel Brigade

Secret Penguin

Watie and Katie White

Batt Family Foundation


Kutak Rock

Anne Trumble

Roger and Kate Weitz

Jim and Sara Farley

Judy Lee

Scott and Cindy Makinster

Stephanie O’Keefe

Doug and Liz Bisson

Sharon Blackburn

Brian and Elaine Buescher

Hal and Mary Daub

Jannette Davis

Ryan Downs

Jenni Herchenbach

Rich and Fran Juro

Bill and Mary Ochsner

Mike and Susan Price

Duane and Monte Thompson

Carolyn Anderson

Ellie Archer

Lois Bailey

Creighton Bassett

Mike and Alicia Battershell

Catherine Bombere

Marjorie and Larry Brennan

Mary and Gary Day

Colin Dorwart

Linda Gardels

Garry Gernandt

Christian and Sonya Gray

Jamie Grayson-Berglund

Gregg and Michelle Grossman

Morgan Hecht

Helen Heller

Jason and Susan Hiley

Steve Jensen

Karissa Johnson

Reo Jones

Nikola Jordan

Bob and Lisa Jorgensen

Beverly Kracher

David Levy

Dan and Tina Lonergan

Laura Loughran

Loveland Garden Club

Amy Mather

James Meister

Douglas Miller and Delores McArthur-Miller

Thomas Miller and Emily Hatas

Lance Mosiman

Grant Mussman

Kristin Pluhacek

Carol and Rick Russell

Rybin Plumbing and Heating Co.

Barbara Schlott

Cindy Smiley

Richard and Connie Spellman

Ann Spence

Todd Swirczek

Susan Thomas and Steve Hutchinson

Wallace Thoreson/Mary Green

Visions Custom Framing

Verdis Group

Brandon and Christina Vogel

Corey and Andi Weber