10 Days

Ten days ago, 40+ community and arts supporters filled a board room on the 7th floor of Omaha City Hall to voice opinion through physical presence. Ten minutes later, the Zoning Board of Appeals voted 5-0 in favor of expanding the grain elevator banners on the topic of Transport(ation). The room erupted in applause, and the previous months meeting that left the project in a lurch, was reversed. It was an occasion and moment perhaps less about grain elevator banners, and more about shifting things slightly enough to represent the type of projects, and therefore city, we desire. Thank you to those who worked behind the scenes to compose letters of support, those who took a break in their workday to be present at the meeting, and to those who sat at the table with us in favor and support of continuing, and completing, the project.

Ten days from now, the call for submissions for Stored Potential 2 comes to a close. Both submissions and questions have been trickling in, and the jury is composed and ready to represent big ideas in graphic, spatial, and city design.  We look forward to receiving and considering all of your visions and ideas for the most crucial and timely topic at hand.  Good luck!