Week 2 Question Roundup

1.What does the attachment mechanism of the banners to the structure look like?

The banners will be folded over a curved steel bar at the top, which will not be visible, and then attached directly to the structure with stainless steel anchors and grommets every 3-4′ down both sides and across the bottom.

2. Are there particular ‘images’ you are looking for on the 3 open image pages?

These pages have purposefully been left open to the entrants discretion, but we highly advise showing us what your image will look like on the actual structure, and at the proportions of the 20′x80′ finished piece. Please do not send us a picture of a square painting with no connection to the grain elevator or the size and shape of the banners.  This is a site specific installation and since the topic is ultimately about context and the greater contemporary regional landscape, specifically the importance of this structure within that, please consider this in your submission.

3. Are you looking for agricultural images only?

No.  Again, the focus of this competition is about much more than agriculture.

4. Is there a way to find out how much grain was stored in these structures throughout their life as such?

We do not have that information, but you are welcome to do research about this from the grain company that owned the elevator, Foxley and Sons – later acquired by Scoular.

5. What is the composition of the final printed banners?

The final banners will be a product called Mesh Summit (Mesh 100) meaning that it is as mesh with 100 squares/inch.  It is polyester that is coated on both sides with PVC, although we are hoping to find a different coating material and are exploring this with the print company.