Elevate Recap.

June 25th, 2012 : : : :

It has been almost three weeks since Elevate turned the 36th Street bridge into a vibrant place, full of a unique energy and spirit for a brief moment. Whether a chef, designer, event sponsor, banner sponsor, banner artist, volunteer, events team member, pedicab driver, neighbor who lent a wheelbarrow or an entire parking lot, ticket purchaser, or a passerby, the experience of Elevate seems to have left those involved with a sense of curiosity, and we hope – utter delight about our community. For me, it was amazement at the creative talent here, the enjoyment of teamwork, and the possibilities that lie in unexpected places. Food, drink, multiple conversations, and maybe even new acquaintances later, we hope everyone left the bridge thinking ‘This is Why I Live in Omaha’.

Thank you, sincerely, to everyone involved. We hope it is a day you will remember for many weeks to come.

Scroll down for photos.

Thank you, again, to all the station design teams for your creativity, resourcefulness, dedication, and energy.

Emerging Terrain Events Team: Emily Bannick Lacey, Brigitte McQueen, Katrina Stoffel, Kayla Meyer, Jeff Green/Davis Erection, Jay Rybin

Elevate Sponsors: Big Wheel Brigade and Secret Penguin

1 Tim Shew / Nancy Novak + Drew Johnson

B & G Tasty Foods, Union Pacific, Drake-Williams Steel, Sunderland Brothers Company, Fisher Building Services, Joe Tess Place, Weitz, Davis Erection

2 Matthew Taylor / Bob Trempe + Brian Hamilton

The National Arbor Day Foundation, Lied Lodge and Conference Center, RDG Dahlquist Art Studio, Plum Creek Farm, Shadowbrook Farm, Perfect “ten” Bison Ranch, Dave Hutchinson and family, TD Niche Farm

3 Mark’s Bistro / Ryan Fisher + Andrew Conzett + Colin Conces

Ryan Fisher, Andrew Conzett, Colin Conces, Davis Erection

4 Nebraska Brewing Co. / Grant Landreth + Chris Jansen

EcoStores Nebraska, Jim and Virginia Conway, Julie Dierberger and Jessie Dewitt, Craig Jansen, Larry and Sharon Landreth, Becky Swanson, Jay Swanson

5 Stokes Grill & Bar / b2lab

B2LAB, INC., Ronco Construction, LLC, White Lotus Group, Look Architectural Coatings, Titan Machinery, Buss Family Farm, Hotel Deco XV

6 Boiler Room / HDR

Paul Kulik, Boiler Room, HDR Architecture, Kiewit Building Group, Omaha, Miller Electric, Omaha, Iron-Knee Co., Paul Konchagulian, State Steel, Puritan, Eagle Enclosures, Honey Creek Farms, Shadowbrook Farm, Tenuta Angoris/Villa Locatelli, Peripherique Wine Merchants, Italian Vine

7 bread&cup / Rudolphi + Leslie

8 Institute of Culinary Arts / PEN + Miller + Davis / Growing Cities

PEN Architect, BVH Architects, George Paul Vinegar, Heritage Nursery, Spotlight Presentations

9 Dario’s / HDR

HDR Architecture, Lund-Ross Constructors, Palleton, Inc., SGH

10 Jeff Everroad / Watson Tomaz Yurkovich

Min Kim, Heartland Scenic Studio

11 Chris Myers / Urban Alchemy + architectureisfun + Dahlin Studio

James Dahlin, Sr., Tom Rossi, Terry and Catherine Ferguson, Chef Robert Anaya, Lauritzen Gardens, Botanical Interests, Renze Display, Todd Valley Farm, Bluff Valley Farm, Millard Lumber, Patton Equipment, Leo A. Daly

12 Localmotive / EXis Design Shop + Contrivium Design and Urbanism

EXis design shop, Contrivium Design and Urbanism, Localmotive Food Truck, JB Design-Specialty Construction, Lueder Construction, Palleton, Inc., Re-CYCLE Bike Shop, Hot Shops Pottery, Crystal Forge, Blooms Organic, Rosebud Veal, Range West Beef, Garden Fresh Vegetables, Rhizosphere Farms, Plum Creek Farms

13 Block 16 / dKISER design.construct + MEASURE CUT CUT STUDIO


Dicon Construction, Omaha Friendly Services, Engineered Controls, Inc., The Architectural Offices, Dice Communications, Wood Specialties, Inc., Courtyard Inc., Vic Gutman and Associates

15 M’s Pub + Vivace / AToM Design Studio + UNL Architecture

Birdsong Farm, Graddy’s Tomato Farm, H’Olaffson Specialty Foods, Natures Best Gardens, Omaha Farmers Market, Squeaky Green Organics, Courtyard Inc., Lowe’s, Millard Lumber, Regal Plastic, Sherwin-Williams, The Waldinger Corporation, Randy and Kim Dickhut, The Home Depot

16 Grey Plume / TACKarchitects

Bob Grinell, R.L. Grinnell Corporation, Danna Grinell, Ridonkulous Acres, The Mastercraft Building, Palleton, Inc.

17 Sara Adkisson Joyner / Sara Jacobson + Allyson Gibbs + Alex Bodell

Shadowbrook Farms, Dutch Girl Creamery, Herb Box Dairy, Stoysich , Yang’s Garden, Morning Glory Meadow Eggs, Just Bees, Rhizosphere Farms, Moue’s Garden, Jisa’s Farmstead Cheeses, Abarrotes Hidalguensa, Mary’s Tortilleria

18 Dante / DeOld Andersen Architecture

Benjamin Moore Paints, Lucky Bucket Brewery

19 MCC Institute of Culinary Arts


Sara DeMars Cerasoli, eCreamery, Greenstreet Cycles

Photos by Bryce Bridges and Ariel Fried.