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E.T. Talks

Intentional conversations about the built environment.

E.T. Talks began as a venue for our 2012 Fellows to present the work they were doing in the context of larger topics of urban planning and design. Intended to evoke discussion, a better understanding of Emerging Terrain’s role in the community, and the larger profession of Public Interest Design, E.T. Talks were met with interest from the community and will continue with a second season in 2013, TBA.

Season 1, 2012

E.T. Talks 1: “Public Space”, September 26 at Emerging Terrain

Attendees explored the topic of Public Space from the perspective of Trugs, the unique planter/platform/seating units placed in parking spaces along downtown Leavenworth Street. In small discussion groups gathered around tables, the Trugs framed questions such as “what defines public space, how is public space in Omaha created and utilized, and what would we hope to see in the future for the public spaces of our city?”

E.T. Talks 2: “Event Place”, October 25 at Emerging Terrain

A panel of participants from both events, Harvest Dinner and Elevate, discussed how their participation affected their creative and professional lives, and how these kinds of site-specific events impact a community.

E.T. Talks 3: “On the Edge”, November 28 at Former Borders Books at Shadow Lake Mall

The most diversely attended E.T. Talks, farmers, developers, conservationists, historians, and suburban residents came to discuss the relationship between creative placemaking and future planning of the suburban/rural edge, as identified in Shifting Thresholds. For one evening, a vacant Borders Bookstore was reinvigorated.