Case Study by Proactive Practices

Three years ago Gilad Meron, Mia Scharphie, and Nick McClintock contacted Emerging Terrain’s office, at the time in Omaha, about a new research proposal. They were conducting case studies of practices in the relatively new field of public interest, or social impact, design. Although Emerging Terrain hesitates to call itself “public interest” (because it can falsely imply that the public concurs), we were excited to be part of the research so that our work could contribute to a larger discussion about how we, humans, shape the world around us. Three years later, Proactive Practices has released the first edition of their Emerging Terrain case study. Coincidentally, it serves as a summary of Emerging Terrain’s time focusing exclusively on Omaha, and operating as a nonprofit. Gilad, Mia, and Nick’s work has drawn important lessons from that phase, and serve as a bridge to the next.

Thank you Proactive Practices. You encourage us to get to work and produce another chapter for the case study.

Emerging Terrain