‘Design Speed Minimum Radii’ shows the turning radii of speed. Governed by safety, the geometric road design for interchanges and intersections governs that more speed = larger radii. This graphic overlaps the radii as provided by AASHTO at 7 different speeds. Red lines indicate the minimum turning radii for roads with super-elevation; the sectional tilt of the road surface to counter the centrifigal force of turning at a speed. The curves in cyan show the minimum radii necessary at the same speeds without the super-elevation, which need to be larger without the help of the super-elevation.

Emily Andersen is a partner at DeOld Andersen Architecture (DAA), an architecture and design practice in Brooklyn, NY and Omaha, NE.  She received her Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and relocated to New York City in September of 2001.  Prior to forming DAA, she was an Associate at Slade Architecture in New York City, and involved in a large variety of public and commercial projects.

Emily formed DAA with partner Geoff DeOld after collaborating on several projects addressing the suburban landscape and the role architecture and design might play in an otherwise generic environment.  The firm is currently engaged in several projects including offices for a media company, concept design for a bakery, and two streetscape / urban design projects in the Bedford Stuyvesant community of Brooklyn.