Elevation Station Preview: Jeff Everroad and Tomaz Watson Yurkovich

May 29th, 2012 : : : :

The perfect meal is a confluence of great conversation, compelling atmosphere, and delicious food.  Omaha chef Jeff Everroad and New York design collaborative Tomaz Watson Yurkovich present Canteen, a laboratory to blend, inspire, and experiment with the elements of the perfect meal.  Conceived and built as transformable shipping crates, Canteen is a three-layered apparatus: a rough plywood construction wraps a refined mirrored interior, which, in-turn, contains brightly hued foam blocks. These materials embody two conditions of food: the raw plywood characterizes the unfinished texture of ingredients while the mirrored interior and colored foam represent the finished quality of prepared food: elegant and exciting.

Canteen will be transported to the site on the day of the event, opened and elevated on tripods.  The foam blocks will be removed, creating serving areas, and the crates’ mirrored interior will establish a floating horizon within which guests can enjoy food, drink, and conversation.  Reflections of the highway, land, sky, and people will intermingle to create a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.

Chef Everroad offers a Pork Trio of country style pork terrine with cornichons and caramelized onions, pork rillette on flatbread, and housemade spanish chorizo with petite greens, radish, queso fresco and sherry peppercorn vinaigrette.  In addition, guests will enjoy a curated selection of white wines and music.

Canteen’s transport, operability, and ‘instant usefulness’ are at the heart of this event.  For those who stop by, Canteen will be a genial setting to reaffirm the importance of the perfect meal in our lives.