Elevation Station Preview: e_merge

May 22nd, 2012 : : : :

E_merge reflects the tension and eradication between the built and natural environment by presenting the user with an exaggerated condition of conflict.  To convey this notion, concrete landscapes, tires and grasses are used as metaphor for this ongoing condition of tension.   The idea is to emerge the visitor into the tread of the tire, noting this as a powerful icon for transportation of the food we eat.  While emerged in the tread setting visitors can choose a level of engagement with the surroundings by leaning, standing or sitting on the tread surface.

Within the tread surface grasses will emerge from within in various cavities of the surface.  These grasses reflect the ongoing tension between man-made surfaces and the natural order that is at odds with it.  When eating, visitors will have to navigate the natural condition while using the surface which will affect normal levels of comfort to heighten the awareness of this ongoing tenuous condition.

At play with the surface condition, Chef John Ursick will be preparing a vegetable terrine dish of the freshest ingredients – allowing the flavors to mesh in a delicious manner.   To add to the notion of tension, he will be using various preparation techniques including pickling, roasting, shaving, pureeing, and sous vide to build the terrine.  This will give the diner an interplay of crunchy, smooth, unami, sharp, bitter, and sweet delivering a cohesive flavor profile.  Along with the terrine, a small portion of butter fried trout will give a neutral taste to the bold flavors of the terrine.  To finish the texture and tension of the station design a vegetable puree will be added to mimic the elements and color of the  of the tire surface and allow the user to touch, feel and taste the entire experience.

The major tire elements will be of the station will be re-appropriated into a landscape plan for another project.

e_merge team members include:

Brad Brooks, b2lab

John Ursick, Stokes Grill and Bar